I think I like my best friend... what do I do?

Yes I know... the cliche "I have fallen in love with my best friend question" but I seriously don't know what to do. I have known him for 4 years that went super quick but at the same time feels like I've known him everyday of my life. Not that this matters but sophomore year as an inside joke he proposed to me with a potato... so for past 3 years I have been called his wife and he my husband. But this year, my senior year, I have started to develop feelings for him. It kinda scares me how right it feels but I don't even know how to go about this. Do I leave it alone? Do I pursue it? If I pursue it, how EXACTLY do I even do that? I've never had a boyfriend so not only am I boy dumb these feelings towards my best friend just adds insult to injury.


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  • Well first off dont let him out of the friend zone because you will cause a space time tare and kill us all. Now that my joke is out of the way GO FOR IT!!! If you are already best friends then you have the best foundation in the world for an amazing and long lasting relationship. More people need to pull their heads out of their butts and stop worrying about ruining friendships when this comes up. I wish I had.


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  • I don't understand how having those feelings are insult/injury. You like someone. Even if he's your best friend, that just implies he is a better friend than your other friends, so you would be more likely to develop feelings for him than your other friends.

  • Every girl is suppose to have a relationship with a guy before she sleeps with them. I wish you the best. The problem is, would you loose your best friend if you persue it? Friendships last longer than bf gf relationships. Which is most important.

  • Confess, it is the only way.

    No polls for love life success, only truth! No guarantees in life, but you have to move or you may lose him. Good luck!


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