Does she like me after this?

I should start this question off by saying, I liked this girl and we went out on a date and she said "i dont see this going anywhere" I normally would not even think we had any chance after her saying that but she calls or texts me daily, she wants to put her head on my shoulder and hold my hand. She will play footsie with me and even came over to my house and gave me a massage. I just really dont know whats going on, do I still have a chance with her?


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  • I think she likes you but I wonder why she said that she don't see that going anywhere... Maybe she just want a best friend and not a relationship.. if its going to related to sexual, maybe more of like friends with benefits thing... But for this one, could be she's also just want to be casual (come what may).. It's hard to conclude unless you ask her to make clear about it.. for the meantime, don't be too emotionally attached unless you're in the same page...

  • I think you still have a chance. Girls can be really complicating when they don't know what they want. Or it could be that she just sees you as a brotherly figure, and she loves you in a way that she always wants you around. But you'll never really know until you ask her, which is a pretty good idea. Find out where you stand, what she really thinks of you, what could possibly come to be. Girls will answer every question you have eventually or in time. So go ask her, if you actually have the balls to do it.


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