Boyfriend stopped me from hugging him?

My boyfriend was leaving for work i was on the bed and we were saying by i reached up for a hug and a kiss and he stopped me short of a hug and just kissed me. Is that weird should I be worried or something?


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  • I'm sure you've been in a rush before and missed stuff like that. you probably just dont remember bc you werent the one feeling rejected.

    is there any other reason you think somethings wrong?

    • No reason its just like the beginning of our relationship and we are still figuring each other out

    • hmm.. well i wouldn't worry about it. he did kiss you after all.. you may find he's not very affectionate and was just doing it to attract you.. you may decide you're not compatible even though you like each other but there's no way to know atm.

      you can ask him some time how he feels about things like hugs. everyone is different. communicate! :)


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  • The question should be is what is making you over worry about this? Has he been acting weird lately besides just this? Has he been doing anything different besides just this? If no than I wouldn't worry, sometimes when us guys are in a rush like to get to work on time we rush things and don't try to really remember to hug someone and might even stop them I've done it to my girl and told her I gotta go and gave a quick kiss and bye.

    I am just saying if that's all he's done and that has you over reacting than you need to stop and not worry now if he's been doing a bunch of odd things than yeah start to worry.

    • @sometimes when us guys are in a rush like to get to work on time we rush things and don't try to really remember to hug someone

      lol this is a pretty common occurrence. not limited to men. :)

    • @Azara yeah that's true I guess a guy wouldn't really notice as we just don't normally care if no hug and understand they must be in a rush lol.

    • depends on the guy.

  • no, he was in a hurry and was probably afraid you were going to latch on. lol. nothing is wrong.

  • he was probably just late your most likely just looking in to it to much if your really woryd about it just ask him. easy stuff. hope I helped and good luck

  • no he was just on a hurry you girls overthink


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