Guys liking the idea of me, but not me actually?

With guys that fancy me I always get a bit put off bc I assume that they don't like ME for me, they just like what they think I look like or what they assume I'm like without knowing me.

I gues I don't really know what exactly it is that I'm asking, I would just like some opinions.

Do you think most people put people their interested in up on a pedestal to begin with? Maybe I just need to push past the stage where guys think I'm better than I am?


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  • It will take some trial and error and a few dates to see if someone wants to get to know the "real" you. But once they do they will decide to keep being involved for the long term or just move on to the next one. At first a guy is just going to compliment you endlessly on your appearance but then he might begin to ask you about more meaningful things. If he only compliments your beauty, although that is nice maybe he is not the type of man you should be going for. Best of luck!


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  • It's easy to put someone on a pedestal and idolize them in a way when we have feelings for them.


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  • I have a similar thought process regarding this as well. Hopefully the next guy i meet of whom i'm into won't put me on a pedestal. I feel that if a relationship starts off with him always complimenting my looks ("you're beautiful" instead of "you're intelligent"), it's going to take some work to live up to his standards. So i cut him off,
    but then i realize how i can't keep thinking like that if i want to be married.
    I just feel like typing lol.