Tinder information: Please help?

Ok so here is the scenario. I am 23 year old student teacher and I have been trying a Tinder account.
Today I ran into a student of mine (who is 15 or 16) but she has her age listed as 18 or 19. I panicked when I saw her and immediately swiped left (which is no).
If I swipe left does that automatically take me off of her possible matches so she won't see me if she hasn't already?
If I set my discovery to off will that automatically remove me from her matches?
I'm kind of freaking out right now. Any advice? Should I talk to my mentor teacher?


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  • Yeah I think it takes you off her possible matches unless she already saw you before you had the chance to change everything...

    But you didn't do anything wrong. You have your own life and being on tinder can't get you in trouble. Plus she lied about her age which is why she popped up on your possible matches.
    As long as you didn't swipe right and didn't talk to her or anything like that you should be fine. Don't freak out too much. If you want, you can talk to your mentor but don't stress too much over it. (:


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  • Lmao that's too funny. I'm now going to see what Tinder is. But yea be careful don't get caught up with jailbait.


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  • How about you get off the internet for dating purposes?

  • Yes, it takes you off her potential matches. you are in the clear and she will never know.