Should you let the guy text first in the beginning stages?

We just started dating... I want to hang out with him but should I let him text me?


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  • Let's say for the sake of argument that the society thinks being a player is just as normal as girls playing hard to get. Do you think he should be a player cause that's how he was brought up or it's what others are doing? Should the girl play "I don't want come off as clingy, needy, or despite?" Lady I am sure if a guy takes 6 months pursuing you but not text, call, or hang out less often at all you wonder why? What if society told him it shows weakness for him to do that. She must chase you. But wait! Then he'll be waiting a f**ing long time cause in conjunction society branded her not be needy, clingy, or desprite. So who will make the move. " it's the one gets to damn moble device first and start the damn conversation. Also I am making it clear that both genders shouldn't wait on each other cause... There's no reason but it's the thought that counts. G-luck


What Girls Said 1

  • Girls seem to think a guy always has to make the first move... or any move, at any point in the relationship. Some guys just aren't on their phones that much, or feel like they're bothering you if they text a lot. So, you can totally text him first! Don't do it insanely often, though (don't start a conversation every single night or every second you're free), and always have something to talk about: "Hey." or "What's up" are really boring to respond to.
    Just be gutsy and text him! If you're already dating, he obviously likes you so why not just go for it? :)