Is it worth potentially losing a friend to be in a relationship with them?

Recently, I've been thinking of asking my friend out on a date but I'm concerned by the fact that it very well might not work out and then we become distant.
Earlier this year a similar thing happened with someone different and we did date for a while. But then it all kind of fell apart and now we're no we're near as close, I kind of liked having the ability to chose if I wanted to date them or not.
Now I just feel a little sad when I think of her in that way, is it worth it?


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  • Yeah it is worth it. Years of sexual tension is not good either. And part of you will probably always wonder "what if" or you will continuously hope that she will somehow "come around" and fall into your arms. That is a story that only happens in the movies. You are really young and whether you like it or not, you probably won't be friends with any of the friends you have now in 10 years. Maybe just one or two, but anyway that's not the point. People end up regretting the things they didn't do, not the things they did do. Ask her out. She might say yes. Amazing! She might say no, if she does, it's not the end of the world. You might still have a lasting friendship (This happened to me) or you might just drift away. Both outcomes are better than you kicking yourself in your 40s because you didn't have the courage to go for what you really wanted.


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  • If its worth it or not is your decision, don't let anyone else make that decision for you. But if you feel that you absolutely need to date her then go for it. Wether it works out or not, if she's a good friend everything will go ok. Depending on the way that y'all bond together and if y'all are compatible at all will determine your whole relationship. But keep in mind that y'all could start off having an amazing relationship, but in the end it might not go as well as you wanted it to, you could see a side of her that you never had and never wanted to see. What Im really trying to say is be prepared for anything. It could be a start of a new relationship, or it could be the end of a long friendship. But are you really willing to take that chance?


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  • There's friends and then there's partners. I don't look at my friends and think I want to date them, because I don't see them in that way.. and that's why they're only my friends. Guys that try to become friends with girls they like first and then try to move into a relationship need to get some confidence and realise how it works. Jad T Jones says it perfectly from a girls point of view "you've been acting as my friend all this time, now you tell me you want to get in my pants?". It's just lame.

  • Yes, absolutely.

    If you don't remain friends afterwards it means you were never good friends to begin with, at least not sort of friends that last a life span- therefor the risk is always worth the potential reward.