Is my coworker into me?

It's against company policy to date but have felt a growing chemistry with him for 3 years. We were on a night time flight together; there were 2 seats per row on each side. There were 4 empty rows all around us... He was in the aisle seat and I said it's not a full flight so you can move if you want, he didn't move. Once the cabin lights were off, I put my head on his shoulder and gradually cuddled more and more. He embraced it and didn't push me away at all. We are both the type that plays by the rules however if I think he has the same feelings then I would be willing to discuss this with him and since he is a VP, I am willing to get a different job so we can give this a shot.
Do you think he is into me?


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  • He might be. You should def. talk to him.

    I don't know about torpedo-ing your career, just to give him a shot. Make him commit to something before doing that.

    • Thank you for replying!

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