Bf of 7 yrs. refuses to fully commit?

7 years with this guy and when I bring up getting engaged he flat out refuses... he also frequents escort sites yet claims he doesn't call them... time to dump his ass?


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  • It was time to dump him 4 years ago... 7 years is too long to be with someone at your age that will not commit. I'm not trying to be mean, but haven't you gotten to the point of wanting someone to age with you?


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  • Yeah my aunt is in this situation herself. she's 50 and her boyfriend doesn't want to het married. she's left him twice but the dummy keeps going back for some reason. I told her if you break up again for the third time i am not helping you move your stuff out again.

  • Eh, yes. Fish or cut bait. May be time to show some strength and self respect. If he's not LTR material, you need to be ready for someone who is.


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  • The fact that you asked that question at the end shows that you're absolutely fed up and just looking for a final nod.
    I say yes. Dump his ass right away and find someone who is willing to commit. You don't want to be left hanging.