Should I text her the days before a first date?

I just asked this girl I met on Tinder out to a movie this Saturday. She said yes and we made plans for Saturday night. This is great, but should I keep texting her throughout the week? If so, what about? Do I not mention the date except maybe to initiate a conversation? Basically, how do I text her after I ask her out and before the first date?


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  • you text her awkwardly and start a random conversation. i'd mention the date Thursday (ask if it is still okay) then Friday night/saturday morning confirming it.

  • text her the say before the text and tell her "Hi hows your week? I wanted to make sure we are still on for tomorrow. i was thinking we would go see this "movie". what do you think?" tell her what you are doing but be excited. you totally need to confirm before the date. telling plans is confident and she will like that she doesn't need to do any planning


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