Your new boyfriend mentioned to you that he's going to Mexico with a girl friend who's married and just had a baby... and some other people?

He later told you that's actually his ex-girlfriend and he still have dinner with her every other week. He's actually quite excited about the trip and talks about it a lot.

Given your relationship is so new he's not inviting you on this one... what do you think about it?


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  • This is a little weird. At least he told you and was honest, but it is kind of awkward to be honest. If he still has dinner with her every other week they're connecting. Are you too connecting as much as they are? That's the answer to not feeling so weird about this.


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  • You should tell him how you feel. I don't think he should leave you out but maybe he isn't ready for you to be around his friends.

  • I think... "Dis Bitch".. Then I smile pretty, tell him to have fun, and dip without warning or explanation... He doesn't need an answer as to why I dumped his dumb ass because he's dumb and does not deserve one. I just move on and find a real man. The End.