Do white men have it the easiest in the world, when it comes to dating women of all races?

Do white men have it the easiest since supposedly "all" of them are rich, fair-skinned and of higher status? Do you think they are given too much special privilege? Nearly every single lady of all races that I've encountered have preferred white men.


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  • I don't know about their racial dating pool but I do know, from a sociological view (according to my professor and her text book) there is nothing better to be in this world than a tall (6'0+) white male in America.

    Did you know tall men make more money than short men? And white men make more money than those of other races, typically?

    • Really? According to statistics, believe it or not, Asian men actually make more average income than white men by per capita calculation. In short words, Asian men make a lot of money for such a very small minority group compared to white/Caucasian men, the majority race/ethnic group of the US.

    • Yes, that is true. In a white saturated industry, one where there are no Asians, white men make more than other races. Asians, interestingly enough, are the only immigrant race (including Caucasians) to have their grandchildren doing better financially than they were. Whites and I believe Hispanics, on average, remain the same financially as they did when they first immigrated, while 3rd generation blacks tend to be faring worse.

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  • Lol I don't know but I think white guys are attractive Lol to bad they don't ever think I am 😜

  • Fit guys who are 5'10 and above with symmetrical faces and nice teeth and hair likely do the best.

    • Well, I'm 5'10 but I don't think my face is symmetrical at all nor do I think my teeth and hair are all that great.

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  • Maybe, i don't know though. But i have read an article recently that white men and Asian women are more likely to get replies or requests for further information back from the opposite sex on dating websites.

  • Because society wants to believe that they must be the best because they're white. Doesn't mean its true, but people tend to want to believe what they want to.