He stopped texting me. Should I start texting him?

I've been texting with this guy for a month now. I've always expected this guy to text me first. In fact, I've never texted him first. It's not because I think that a guy should initiate a conversation or whatever. It's just because I'm too shy and not sure what to talk about. Also, I'm afraid if I'd disturb him in some ways?
If I text him first, does that make me seem 'cheap'?
Idk. I'm confused.
Now that he stopped texting me for a few days, should I text him? Or did he stop texting me just to see my reaction?
Would you guys happy if a girl texts you first?
Help me guys :)


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  • Hey. I understand why you wait for him to start the chat. If you texting him makes you look cheap then does that mean he is cheap because he used to start the convo with you? Absolutely not. So no it won't make you look cheap. If he is not texting you reasons may be he is busy or he wants you to start the chat. Dont make the mistake I did. Dont worry I won't go into my story but he might assume that you dont wanna talk to him considering the fact that he always starts the chat with you. You gotta let him know that you are interested. And to do that you have to start the chat with him often :) Yes I love it when girls start the chat with me but what i have realised and learnt from experience is that many girls (like you) are shy to start the conversation with us. Some boys ( like me) are also shy to start the conversation with a girl. This leads to no communication between the boy and the girl. Therefore dont hesitate to start the chat. Remember, a simple 'hi' could lead to a million things. :)


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  • If it's been a few days i'd text him. Sometimes guys like to 'test' girls and see how interested they really are; if you text him, it shows you are interested and if you don't, then it's quite self explanatory. it seems kinda dumb but hey, it works

    • Agree with the poster. Sometimes 'we' just test if someone is really interested. Only problem there: This can escalate pretty quickly to some sort of pressure. Personally I don't like texting.. it's pressure on the wrong end.

  • Rules about who should text first is the most BS thing that people have come up with today. It literally means nothing unless you tell him you love him. Just text him and stop overthinking simple things.

  • Just text him.


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  • My text to a man for my first text if he hasn't text for a few days is: have you died!! Haha... then when he replies... no im. here... I reply phew!! Haha... everytime he carries on the convo with asking how iam..
    You have shown him you can be funny and crack jokes... for me this works everytime x

    • Haha thanks. I'm gonna try that :)