I'm having the feeling I want this way more then she does?

So I've had 2 dates with a girl that I'm crushing on, she already agreed to go on a third.. but I'm having the strong feeling that I want it more then her, when I'm with her she holds my hand and lays her head on my shoulder and she is the sweetest girl. But when I'm for example texting her something sweet she is very distant and cold, I have the feeling that I am the only one that really wants it to happen, whilst she is just tagging along. I don't blame her for not being in love with me (yet). The thing is that when I for example text something sweet she'll reply cold towards me, and who does that when you truly like someone, then you'll text something sweet back right?

What could be the reason why this girl is so sweet in person but so distant through text (I know text and person is very different but you have to agree that if someone you like flirts with you, and you like them back that the most logical thing to do is flirt back right?)

Maybe she is playing hard to get? I don't know I'm really confused by this


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  • first you need to know in every relationship world wide someone must love the other more or in other words someone biers the other..

    i faced something the same my fiancee was the same cold when we text and a different person when we go out on a date.. well now we are married and the trick is not to get frustrated i mean keep on doing what you are doing because there are people who are just like this dont know how to express there feeling through writing u just treat her right and continue flirting with her till u get closer then eventually she will open up

    • Thanks, very usefull tip. It's hard sometimes because I'm a guy that is kind of afraid of rejection, and sometimes it feels like she is rejecting me (even though she doesn't). I get frustrated sometimes but I know that some people just aren't like that, I don't know her that well though.

    • bro as long as you are fare with her treating her well be confidence.. people say am arrogant or other words i always say its good to be like that coz i feel like i can any girl.. try it it might help :)

    • I used to have lots of confidence, till my ex broke up with me out of the blue.. I started doubting about myself, become insecure and stuff.. I'm slowly regaining it, since that moment I always thought girls never truly expressed their feelings (because my ex told me she loved the morning on the day she broke up with me). Now I don't really trust them anymore..

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  • Some people just don't like to text.
    I wouldn't read anything into it at all.
    Go by the way she acts in person. That's who she really is.

  • Maybe she's more the touchy-feely type and doesn't know what to say when you text her sweet things.

  • Some people just aren't all lovey dovey, so don't expect every single girl you meet to reply with all that kinda stuff. Just because you like to be all like that, you can't start moaning when somebody else doesn't.
    When she's with you, she shows she likes you, stop complaining about her not sending lovey dovey shit when she's not with you.


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  • Maybe she doesn't care for texting. Maybe she thinks it's lame and lazy (like I do).

    Focus on how she is with you in PERSON, not how text on a screen looks.