Girls would you hook up, be friends, or date a guy like this?

girls would you ever wanna be friends with someone that doesn't have a car, he smokes and drinks a lot, his parents are alcoholics and you can't chill with him unless your sitting in his backyard outside in the cold but you have to be alert because his parents will come outside and start yelling and arguing with you. he works but he spends all his money on weed and liquor. if he does come over to your house his friend would have to bring him. and he wants to keep his options open so he'll want to have sex with you and other people as well. so my question is to all the girls, would you want this guy?


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  • Good God... Do you really need me to tell you my answer?

    • yes please. he just wants to keep his options open with girls, he's my friend.

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    • he just wants to hook up though.

    • Well all I can say is Good Luck. :)

      But please don't say we haven't tried to warn you.


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  • Why would any girl want to date a guy like that?

    • I don't know but that's who he is. and not to mention he has his friend tagging along with him whenever you would wanna hang out with him. and he doesn't label things. so if he tells you your more than friends, don't think its a relationship because it's not.

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  • Hell no... I'd just keep moving along.

    • even though all he wants is to hook up?

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    • If you're okay with that then that's all you girl, personally I wouldn't be with someone that can't hold his own & is gonna tell all y'all's business.

    • im not trying to do anything with him i just wanna know if other girls would be interested in this guy.

  • No thanks.