My boyfriend's snapchatting another girl?

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend started snapchatting this girl, she ended up being on his "best friend" list. I was a little suspicious so I asked him about it. We got into a fight and he finally said, fine I will block her. Not really sure if he actually did but I was convinced.
I recently looked at his "best friend" list and it had her name on the bottom. I'm not sure what to do, I don't wanna be that crazy girlfriend who yells at him all the time. He lied to me and I'm upset about it. Help


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  • I had this problem with my boyfriend too. I looked through his phone and saw he was also talking to other girls on Facebook, so I made him deactivate it and get rid of Snapchat and change his ways or I wasn't going to be with him anymore because I didn't need that drama crap in my life. If you asking him about it started a fight, then you need to consider the possibilities of why. My boyfriend deactivated his snapchat without even questioning it and if your boyfriend cared about how you felt, then he'd do the same thing without putting up a fight. If he wasn't doing things he know he shouldn't be doing, then you wouldn't have to question him to begin with. Tell him to block her or get rid of Snapchat completely; you don't need that bs he's creating.

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    • If you don't believe he had the intention of cheating, then why would you tell him to make changes and say that trust was broken? If you honestly believe that he had no intention of cheating, then it is wrong for you to ask him to "make changes and rebuild trust". If that was truly the case, then you forced your boyfriend to cut off a friend for no reason which is wrong.

      Any way you spin this, any time you ask your boyfriend to make changes because of a girl, you felt threatened, and there is an idea that he will cheat on you with her. If you seriously fear he will cheat on you, your relationship might as well be over.

    • I never had a fear of him cheating on a bigger level where he was sleeping with someone else, kissing someone else, or going on dates with someone else given the circumstances of the situation, but what bothered me is that he didn't tell me and that he did a little flirting. I said that he needed to make changes and rebuild trust if he wanted to be with me because, yeah, I didn't trust him after that. But that's because I told him from day one that I didn't think it was okay to flirt with another person when you're in a relationship with someone already. That's where the trust was lost.

      When you're in a relationship, you shouldn't be flirting with someone outside of the relationship. I, at least personally, consider flirting a minor form of cheating. If this girl was just his friend, he wouldn't have sent her a single flirty message.


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  • 'I don't want to be that crazy girlfriend". You're being that crazy girlfriend by telling him to block someone you don't even know on snapchat.

    Think about it this way: if he really was cheating on you with this girl, would blocking her on snapchat stop that? The answer is no.

    • I didn't tell him to block her though

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    • So you're saying he's most likely cheating on me?

    • You said something similar happened in the past. Either you overreacted in the past or he was cheating on you before. If he was cheating on you, and the same thing is happening again, then yes, he is probably cheating on you again.

      If he gets away with it once, why stop?

  • you're both young yet i think your mature than he is and he won't say the truth
    i like to say he blocked her on Snapchat but you know that App is breeding place
    for pedophiles as much as i don't want tell you it is


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  • Why are you upset that he's snap chatting with another girl? Don't you have guy friends you regularly talk to? I had two other guys on my snap list while dating my boyfriend and it was entirely platonic. You are dating him, yes, but you cannot be insecure of girls he talks to when in reality it's probably not that big of a deal.

  • It's not physical cheating but it is emotional. boyfriend and I just got into a fight about this for the 3rd time. He doesn't seem to understand that when you're in a relationship (and he says he wants to marry me) he can't have secret friends that I don't know. That's not how that works. He actively hid her snaps from me, and the OKCupid (when we'd been living together a month), saying that it was to find more smoking buddies, but no one ever came over to the house. Though I know he'd never sleep with someone else, he doesn't understand that when a girl only send you "cute" pictures of herself and not silly, or of funny moments in her life, and it's not on her story, only PERSONALLY sent to him, that it's cheating. But after talking to a friend of mine, I calmly told my boyfriend what I needed in the relationship, asked what he needed, and if they don't match up or we can't come to a compromise, I need to be, and am, strong enough to leave. Hopefully it won't come to that, but be confident in who you are, and if this one doesn't work out, another will. Chin up, Stay Strong.