I dont feel like having a partner anymore?

after been fucked by my close male friend and then ignored by him and then gathering the courage to ask a guy out a while after that who later on tells you after a while of dating that he has a girlfriend and a child. and after i gather the courage again to date someone he tells me after a while of dating that he also has a girlfriend. I've gotten really turned off by the though of having a partner now and i seriously have trust issues these days. am i over reacting?


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  • :( thats awful, im sorry you had to go through all that. But dont give up on love, you should be extra picky of the guys you date. Just because you fall for someone doesn't mean he is the right guy, sometimes you just fall for the wrong person. My advice is stay away from the dating world for a while, lick your wounds. I hope you feel better :)

    • yes im going to focus on other stuff right know. dating isn't really one of my top priorities anymore.


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  • I wouldn't say you're overreacting. This world is becoming more and more distrusting.


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  • This must be truly difficult for you, It's completley okay too have these feeling if you feel like you have trust issue's have a couple of male friends, hang around with them for a while you can gain trust. :)