I posted a picture of my face on okcupid and suddenly no more messages? Previously I had a bikini picture but you could only see my back.?

Now I'm wondering if i have a butterface. I think I looked cute. There was even a filter to get rid of the imperfections.

My friend told me it's because i look like too much of a good girl but now I'm self conscious.
Is it bad to look like a good girl on okcupid? ?


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  • Being a good girl is a great thing. Besides, none of that matters. Horn dogs are Horn dogs and a lot of dudes are on there to get pussy, apparently.

    It's possible you are a ButHerFace but that's highly doubtful. Plenty of ugly chicks get messages from guys on those websites. Don't be too upset about it. If you were a normal guy you wouldn't be getting any messages at all. I was on that website for like 6 months and only met one chick, I live in Los Angeles so there should have been a TON of chicks I should have met, but nope. I'm not the only having trouble with those sites either.


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  • I don't know much about dating sites but I would think the bikini pic would get more responses from the guys looking for a quick piece of ass. I think it's good you have a picture of your face and look like a good girl as it will most likely weed out the horny and asshole guys for the most part.

  • Um in my opinion you have to always look your best I mean come one who doesn't right? But jus be careful of what pics u put on the internet cause once its there its there forever

  • You wore a bikini. That's why you got more attention. I wouldn't look to far into it. If you link a picture or private message, I will give you my honest opinion.

  • Post a face picture here so we can help decide if you have that butterface you speak of.


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