He hasn't claimed me. Is it him or me?

There's this boy that I really like and I know he likes me back. We talk, play around, text almost everyday and do regular things couples do except for PDA like kissing and holding hands around large groups of people. We talked about the dating stage and everything, but I don't know if he wants to claim me for everyone to know. I'm not sure if he doesn't want to cause he's not sure if I'm okay with it.

Am I over thinking it or is something wrong there?


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  • To be honest, just ask him. It is really nice when a girl is straight up, just ask him. I know thats kind of bad advice but i think it will save both a headache, sorry for the somewhat empty answer but I think Im not the only one who agrees with this. If this is what you decide to do please let me know how it turns out. Best of luck!<3


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  • You're overthinking it, you guys haven't even gone out yet
    Give it time don't rush things!

  • "claim" you?


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