Should I give him another chance, after what he did?

About a year ago I met a guy on a dating website. He was in the military and moving to my city in a few weeks. We met up two months before his move and talked on the phone almost every week. He would say he was super excited to move and see me. When he finally moved he took me out on our third date. The day after we were supposed to go for breakfast but he said he got caught up in work reno and cancelled. We rescheduled to have dinner at my house and talked on the phone again for an hour. Then the day came I ears nothing from him so around 5 I texted him to ask if he was still coming. He wrote back he was sorry and left to go back home to his other city as an emergency. After I got a bit ma he never texted me back and I never heard from him. A year later after breaking up from my ex I got back on this dating site and he messaged me. He said he felt bad about how things didint work out the first time and that he would love to see me again. When I asked why he bailed in the first place, he said he had to go back home and after he was not sure if he wanted to date or pursue a rel after having so much on his plate with the move and coming to a new city. Should I give him a second shot?


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  • I have personally learned from friends' events and being a GaGer to never take the guy back. It never works out.
    You may believe that there is a special circumstance with him, but remember; you got over him.
    Stay over him and find someone who isn't going to "Have an emergency back home."

    On a side note; If he was in the military how did he just get up and move? Twice? If he was in the military he would most likely be stationed somewhere, and it would be illegal for him to just move away.


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  • military? noooooo he'saconservative one. NO CHANCE!!!



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