Is stopping to talk to girl is good?

Okay so my crush and I have been together but juts to seek her attention and to let her know thathat she needs me I have stopped talking to her... is it good or shd I start to talk to her... I didn't talk to her for one day..!


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  • Don't hang her out to dry! ): Guys can keep girls guessing without ignoring them. Girls are emotional beings if you ignore them for a day they will go crazy!!! They are thinking a million things then will put up a barrier. They like to know they are worth your time. Text her and she'll light up inside :)

    • So when I told her I will not be aavailable for few days and won't be able to text u she became sad and asked me seriously in the softest whisper... does this mean tat she likes me?

    • Yes she definitely likes you and she loves the attention you give her (:


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  • Start talking to her. My crush and I like each other I think (he shows the signs) but he didn't talk to me for ONE day and I was so upset. It hurts and makes us doubt it. Guys playing hard to get is a turn off, to me at least.

  • I would talk to her. I like it when a guy cares enough about me to seek me out and talk to me

    • When I told her that I won't be available for few days she became sad and asked me seriously in a softest whisper.. does this mean that she wants me to be with her?

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