Is he pulling the disappearing act on me?

Went on 2 dates with this guy, second date was last Friday night at his place. Went really well spent 6 hours together and we even made out a bit. I told him my sister had asked me to go out to a club with her on Saturday night and all was gravy. What ended up happening was I drunk texted him asking him to come say hi to me at the club and that i missed him but he said he was already in bed but he missed my pretty face and would love to see after if I wanted to stop by. I ended up losing my phone that night and I didn't get it back until Monday night and the first thing I texted him was... noooo drunk texting and he's like I enjoyed it. I then told him I lost my phone and he's like not again and I responded by saying I don't remember telling you I've lost my phone before and he's like yeah there's a lot I know now about you that you don't know :) and I responded by saying damn I don't know how to keep my drunk mouth shut sometimes and he hasn't responded at all since then. I don't know what to think is he pissed at what I said or just not interested anymore. Everything was going so well before and now I've heard nothing and he has never just stopped responding before...


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  • Are you too clingy or demanding?


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