Dating a guy in a complicated situation?

I'm dating this guy, but now I'm starting to think that the girl he claimed is his Ex, is not really. So if its not and he is cheating is it possible he can have feelings for me? We've been seeing each other for about 2 months now and he says she's pycho and he's afraid she might do something stupid and that's why he hasn't really broke it off (in my opinion ) and just keeps going back and forth from me to her.

They met online and she moved from cali to nv to be with him and she left against her parents wishes. So now she lives with him he claims they butt heads and just don't get along. But she can't go back because she afraid of "i told you so.." he live with a bunch of roommates and is trying to get to another place but for now i have to deal with her. What should i do? Is he telling me the truth or is he Cheating? FYI I've heard them fight and the threats she makes to him...


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  • If they are still married, maybe not, even so, they are living as One and still hooked at the hip, sweetie... it's a Sure sign that it is a train wreck just waiting to crash Big time. With all of this redrick, Drama Queen Quirks and with them setting up house with other Butt heads, there is a War of the Roses going on here and not so candy land koshore in Denmark... you're the monkey in the middle and no mixed bag signs here, it will continue down a beaten path, no barrel of laughs for you neither.
    They are involved, locking horns and have more issues than you will ever be able to imagine. And it's unfair to you and on top of the cake here, he thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. He is being Her Enabler by allowing her even set foot under his roof, let alone Live Under it and on the sidelines is you, the other half who is in this supposed date mode with the guy, although I don't know how Official nor Exclusive but it doesn't look like it is going to happen Anyways any time too soon.
    Tell him you can't handle this. It's too much for you to bear with the flinging names around and the shouting matches that shouldn't even be part of sweet nothings in your ear.
    Tell him he needs to stay put and continue to do the Daddy Dearest Act because he has become so good at it that he will never be able to leave this stage Nor the actress he is keeping in a nest where it may be-----empty, maybe not, with the both of them behind closed doors.
    Don't trust the situation at hand. It stinks. You don't know him well enough to believe anything right now except there is toil and trouble down Love Connection Road.
    The way I see it, he must enjoy all the claps and gala moments or he would have sent sally packing a long time ago. If you end up sitting in the front row, you will live to regret it and telling yourself: "Paris was right..."
    Good luck. xx

    • Paris you are right. I think its just that i didn't want to see it that way.

    • Thank you, sweetie, I feel you, I feel you are too damn good for this.. Get out and find someone who is more deserving.. And thank you for allowing me to help you here... xxoo


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  • "he hasn't really broke it off " - Enough said, YOU need to break it off now.

  • drop this dude. like now! his ex lives with him and you have been together for two months. this ain't cool

  • Have his cake and eat it too is my op is what's going on. I think you need to remove yourself from the situation or at least give him an ultimatum that he can call when its officially off and she's out of his life.


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  • If you are dating him and you are not exclusive I don't understand how he is cheating. People who date usually talk to other people

    • Yea your right. Were not exclusive, but he knows I'm being exclusive and i haven't been with anyone else. But he swears to me there not together. I've even heard her tell other guys that there not together.