Women and dating short guys?

I'm 5'2'' and I haven't had much luck with women. A date here and there but never a long term relationship. I'm 23 and when I was younger I used to be self conscious about my height. Not really anymore, I've accepted it and actually like it about myself now. But the thing is, no matter which way I look at it, I can't lie to myself. It only hurts me when it comes to women. I'm easy going, respectful, have two jobs and volunteer as a crisis counselor. Much more well taken care of than most people my age. I used to have a bit of social anxiety but not anymore, I love talking to people now. However, I am an introverted person so I like to think a lot about things. I'm not a bad looking guy (at least I don't think I am) so I know it's my height that women don't like. Women, be real here for a second. What can a short guy do to make himself more attractive in general? Or is this just all in my head and it's not a draw back at all? I appreciate it.


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  • I think we are more afraid of it being an issue for you, as long as you don't drive a big lifted truck and have a height complex. I've liked a guy that I was taller than and I kinda thought he wouldn't be into me because of it, maybe we were just both afraid to go for it.

    • No I don't have a height complex. I'm very down to earth and relaxed most of the time. Part of me thinks most women want a guy that has issues. No disrespect, but I seen gorgeous women with deadbeat losers all the time. Either it's my height or the fact that I'm emotionally well put together. Maybe I come across too nice? I mean, I try to be very nice when meeting someone, but the people that know me well know that I am my own person and I'm not a pushover.


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  • Don't worry. Again it's a confidence thing and if you know you are the shit then they will too. I think that with some short guys they get a complex and end up acting out because of their insecurities but you don't seem to have that which is a breath of fresh air ;)

    • Yeah it just sucks though because women don't even give me a chance. A tall guy with a shitty personality at least gets a chance. I lose before I even try. Personality matters once you get in, but first sight is all about looks and height is part of that.

  • I think it doesn't matter.. Seriously, lots of women don't care. i knew a couple of really short guys who always had a girlfriend. Don't worry


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