What are the the main personality qualities a guy is looking for in a girl?

Personality wise what are guys really looking for?


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  • Personally I like a funny girl, one who plays instruments or something like that, any kind of artist, and she has to be just cool man. The girl I'm working on right now smokes a lot of weed and that's sweet cuz I do too. We also have similar interests, we are both in culinary school. I personally like women submissive or dominant, both are good as long as she doesn't try to immasculate me lol. A girl with a good head on her shoulders. All girls get emotional and crazy sometimes and I do too but there's a point where you cross the psycho line lol. And of course last but definatley not least she has to be sexy. She doesn't have to be experienced I can teach haha. Sexy isn't all about how good you look, it's also how she carries herself. Posture is also very important. I like a girl who's confident as well. One who's not afraid to just grab life by the dick if you get my meaning.


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  • I like a good hearted girl who is funny and not stuck up. I also like a girl that helps motivate me and push me ti my full potential because i need that. I also kind like the intellectual girls but not the one who think their better than because their so smart. The # 1 thing i like is just be yourself and don't be fake.

  • have NO personality at all

  • 1:funny girl
    3:like to help others
    have a nice look and cares about her look and body
    hate the girl who is rude with other people and mean
    i like aslo green eyes and blue eyes with beautifulface
    it doesn't mean she should have green or blue eyes no but i want her beautifull and have a pretty body

  • Understanding.

  • I prefer em young and unstable. Pshh


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