Guys would you date a girl who is OCD?

ok i suffer from OCD,... i intend to be very obssessive over things,

now as for me dating, yeah i do become obessessive towards the guy im with, like what he likes , doing, what is he thinking about etc etc it does become too much il admit that,...

but would this be a deal breaker for him?

as it may sound normal it isnt, it does affect my daily life and my health aswell, and getting along with people in life too.


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  • I would be willing to give her a chance, and go on a date with her to see how things play out. I am admittedly fairly ignorant about this since I have never dated a woman with OCD before. However I see no reason why it would be a deal breaker.

  • How hot is she?

  • I give it a shot as long it did not change my life drastically from it and i am also that way too.

  • It depends on how the OCD is expressed and how bad it is, but most properly not.

    • well it not soo bad nor exstrem but yea it is a disorder i have after all but i am able to keep stable...

    • The issues is more so how it affect the relationship and had it been me, then my life.

      Any personality that make my life worse is a no go, so bitchiness is a deal breaker and OCD can be, but it doesn't have to be.. it depends on the actual affect on my life and relationship.

  • Every guy is different


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