How long after a date does a guy normally wait to call or make contact with the girl?

I haven't heard from this guy since sunday. We went on a date Friday night and hung out on sunday. But I haven't heard anything from him since. He said he had fun and wanted to hang out again. How long does a guy usually wait if he's interested in a girl? Am I just freaking out for no reason?


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  • Of course it would differ from people to people.
    But, imo, Sunday till now? Too long.
    If i was busy, i will surely text you to tell you i'm not free, or just chat with you (ask about your day, etc).
    I will also give you an approximate date of when i would be free, and confirm a day with you asap.
    Not sure about what your guy is thinking though :\


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  • I had this one guy who would play games with me. After a date he didn't call me or text me for a week and I had honestly already forgot about him and then he messaged me like nothing happened we talked for few days and then he didn't reply to me for 2 days even though I could see he was online. Then he asked me on a second date I went and he promised to call me the next day. He never did. I send him a message two days later and once again he didn't reply in 3 days then he started messaging me like crazy telling me how amazing I am etc but I had had enough and never responded to his messages or calls ever again.

  • It all depends on the guy, but maybe you should contact him and plan another date.