Guys how do you feel dating a girl with a obessessive mental disorder?

ok so i have this mental disorder and stuff,... etc etc

at times i can say pretty awful things without thinking, and i do intend to obessesse over the guy i would be dating, but its not like i won't let him breath or anything like that,...

for instance i still obessese over my ex but i understand he pretty much forgot about me but i do have oppertunities from other men but they do not know what my mental disorder is...


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  • It really depends on the disorder, i suffer from anxiety because of a stressful period in my life but its very manageable and you can function completely fine. If you don't mind explaining a bit more about how your mental disorder manifests itself? ie if i go out with a girl i may not text her for a week because i really like her and this causes an anxious period which makes me look awful

    If you are dating a guy i would suggest bringing the issue up when you start getting more serious it's the best way to protect yourself from greater pain as well, that way if a longer relationship ends you don't reflect that hurt onto your disorder.


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  • It depends on whether or not she wants to come against it, or give in to it. Personally, I have fought my problems all of my life. It makes me tried, but I have overcome a few of them.

  • It depends what disorder she has, if i think i can handle it then i don't have a problem with it. What's your problem?

    • i have OCD... i went to my doectore last week and discovered i have it...

    • doctor**

    • ah i see, i used to have similar symptoms to that before especially when it comes to the ritual thingy (closing and opening the door a couple times before i leave the room.. etc) so i know how it feels like.

      I think i wouldn't mind to be with a girl like that, i might even help her get over the problem since i had a similar thing before. If the girl is pretty enough and smart then sure i think i'l go for it.

      by the way just a side thing: u happen to have the features of beauty i REALLY love, i had many posts before and i mention many times how i LOVE girls who have big black eyes and dark hair many people who r familiar with me already know this too. U look amazing, but if u ask my personal opinion i really think u will look way more amazing without lipstick and makeup.

  • Hey i will be honest it would be hard but if i really love you i would still date you even marry you and remember you did not choose to have a mental disorder so honestly it wouldn't bother me

  • every girl obsesses about my penis


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