What should my approach be?

There is a girl in one of my college classes that I like. I think she likes me, I have caught her looking at me and vice versa.

I want to ask her out, but we never talk. She sits across the room from me and is usually talking to (female) friends. I thought about walking with her out to her car and just asking her out. The straightforward approach. But I don't want to creep her out. Do you girls like it when a guy does this?

Or I thought about taking the organic approach and let a relationship develop "naturally," but I am afraid I will get friendzoned or run out of time before this semester ends.

What should I do?

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  • Be direct. She will Like that. If I was into the guy I would be pretty happy if he asked me out.

    • And if you weren't into the guy?

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    • He said he thinks she likes him based on him catching her looking at him from across the room. Do you like every guy you look at? Especially if you know nothing about him?

    • If I'm looking at him a lot it's a pretty strong indication, yes. At least for me. Can't speak for other girls.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I think that if she does like you, that there is a very likely chance she'll say yes, unless she is dating someone already, or she says she isn't interested in the opposite sex. Those would be the only reason she would say no, but Im sure she likes you from how you said she flirts with you in class a little bit by sharing glances. If I was in the same situation, and I thought he was gonna be a good guy for me, I'd say yes, and put it up on my calendar.

    • I don't really know about girls in general, but I know that I get extremely nervous to talk to a guy if I like him, and my natural instinct would be to smile and flirt a little bit when I'm in that kind of situation.

  • Good luck! When are you going to ask her?

  • Since you aren't a stranger, I'd say to go with the straightforward approach!

  • Natural. Straightforward approach could sound a little off sometimes.


What Guys Said 2

  • No! Don't be straightforward. girls claim they love that shit but its all bullshit. Go up and talk to her first unfortunately. In fact read forums online nigga. 99% of the guys who were straightforward got shot down. Not to be rude but first you gotta ask questions that you really don't give a shit about, then she'll open up to you. You can't just say I like you. It doesn't work like that. :^/

  • Natural. If you're 100% sure she likes you then straightforward might work. But she doesn't know anything about you so you'll probably put her on the spot and scare her off if you're straightforward.

    You know what they say about the frog and the boiling water right? Ease her into it instead of turning up the temperature quickly.