Help! how to not text someone for a few days?

I like this guy but I have been texting him first a lot and the text convos are kind of dull. So I want to stop texting him to see if he will text me first and show interest. Who know, maybe it won't have to last that long. I still need to know how to take my mind off of him and prevent myself from texting him for a while. I don't want to feel like I am waiting for him though I really am.

Read details thoroughly before answering please and thank you.
It worked I don't know why I was so paranoid i only took not texting good morning and next thing you know on his lunch break he text and called :)


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  • Do other stuff.

    Think of it like getting your head out of the clouds for now, viewing the bigger picture. Conversations are dull and you're the one mostly texting first. It's perfectly fine to not text! Nobody is disappearing.

    • You're right I need to find something that I know I can focus on. Maybe t. v. or movie marathons nothing boring or it won't work


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  • Honestly. Just focus on living your life and don't text him until you actually have something to say. It's better to have fewer conversation that are interesting and have actual meaning, than a daily "What'd up?". If you're not hitting it off right away, then don't force it.

    • You're not waiting for him to text first. Just message him when there is something to talk about or you have something to say

    • Ok thanks I was living life before so I can do that I just like texting every day and knowing that I am liked back

    • I can understand liking that. But if it's boring, then it's unenjoyable

  • Stay on GAG, that's what I do when I don't want to text somebody

    • Lmao good idea this is what I was doing before he came along

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  • Make yourself busy the whole day.

    • I guess I can stay busy thanks

  • Stay away from you phone as long as you can and try to stay busy. I know it can be hard to not think about him so when you do think about how he's not someone you really need in your life and think of the flaws he has thats really annoying and bad. Sooner or later you won't even remember his name girl. Good luck!

    • Who slow your role I'm not talking about not texting someone that is bad for me or teying to get over someone. I'm talking about a guy I like and just met so there really are not any flaws or annoying things at this point. I just need to not text him for a while to see if he makes the effort to text first.