Are girls stoked they don't have a pair of balls lol?

I was playing soccer this morning and someone kicked the ball from right in front of me and it nailed me straight in the balls... needless to say i was curled up in a ball on the ground trying to breathe and i heard a girl say wow I'm so glad i don't have those between my legs... it made me kinda angry cause it sucks we have that weakness... like we are supposed to be big and strong yet 1 hit in the nuts and we are destroyed... girls are lucky they don't have them!


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  • I would probably wear a bra on my balls if I had balls. Something about stuff hanging between my legs while I walk just seems very uncomfortable.


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  • I'm glad I don't have any.. but you don't have to suffer every month for a week with blood coming out of you. and how often do you actually get hit/kicked in the balls?


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  • DUDE this happened to me!! only it didn't hurt my balls... My penis took the entire force like that person in the movie that dives in front of a bullet even though the shooter still has like 15 left.
    It felt like someone took my dick and smashed it between two bricks.