Am I paranoid like he says I am?

I've been with my partner for many years. We have a son and another one due next week. I've seen he's been on here telling girls they're cute and rating them 12/10 etc.. Am I silly to be upset?


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  • you both have to start doing stuff for each other (purposely) sounds like you're doing something wrong and he's doing something wrong

    • Well actually he started doing at the time I found out there could be something wrong with our baby. All I do is go in and out of hospital

What Girls Said 1

  • Would he be upset if you rated other men a 12/10? lol Like seriously? Some men are so slow.

    • Thank you. He keeps saying I'm stupid for accusing him all the time and I keep finding more and more stuff. I just can't believe its come out after so long :(