How do I kiss my boy on the cheek? Am I ready?

My boyfriend, (sorta) is DESPREATLY in love with me. He asked me out and I said yes because I like him too. <3 He always apologizes for being to awkward, he has his bad days. I always jump into his arms and hug him tightly wrapping my arms around his torso. He LOVES that! At lunch and in class, we always rest our hands on each other's thighs or knees and I press my knee with his knee, it makes him so happy. I always thought probably while we're hugging, I could kiss is cheek. I can tell he is TRYING to make a move. He tries really hard, but I kind of just smile. He's like "dang it! love me!" LOL! I always kind of break the touch barrier a little. He loves it. It's kind of awkward, but he wants to kiss me, he always carries around mouth wash (pocket sized mouth wash), one day he said "I carry this around... just in case." and he blushed, he always looks at my eyes then my lips, then back to my eyes again then smiles shyly, and he always get kind of close, but not to close. He is very respectful of my space. So, am I ready to kiss him on the cheek? How do I do it? HELP


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  • Ah I remember you !!! So you went for it... Good good, happy for you...
    Ah that's nothing to worry about... He's guy just like your other friends, your dad, brother... Etc. so just hug him and kiss him like you would normally... It's very simple and very easy... Take a deep breath, slow down and just go for it...
    Good luck :)

    • Yep! Went for it! I remember you! Taking your advice again!!

    • Haha atta girl !!! Go get him !!! Proud of you...


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  • Your *sorta* bf is "Desperately in love" with you?

    You want to know if you are ready... to kiss someone... on the cheek?

    ... no, you are not ready. Maybe once you graduate the 5th grade.

  • The moment you kiss his cheek, he will push you awway and spam the mouth wash, b4 kissing you on the lips


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  • If he is carrying mints he want a kiss on the lips not the cheek