Recently broke up with my first girlfriend of about a year and I'm unsure of how to get back to dating and asking girls out again?

I'm unsure because my girlfriend was the one who asked me out, first to a dance, then to a party and we went from there.

I'm unsure of how to get back into dating, as I was the one who was asked in the first place, a bit different from the more heard of guy asking girl out.

So guys and gals what should i do? To clarify by recently I mean 3 months ago. If some feel that's too soon or something then advise me how long you believe I should wait, tell me your minimum time after breakup time then give advice based on that.


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What Girls Said 1

  • To really get back into dating you just need to find a girl that you like and get to know her once you have done that then you can as her out. You can ask her out by telling her everything that you like about her but I would make sure the girl also takes some interest in you too! And on the time thing I have heard that about half the time of you previously relationship is about the amount of time you should wait until your next relationship but I think 3 months is still a good amount of time


What Guys Said 1

  • There's no set time I wait, as soon as I'm over her I start dating again. You just have to get out there, talk to girls.. When you find yourself starting to like someone, ask her out. Not really that hard.