Does he have feelings for me? I like him too?

The guy I like buys me small presents, gives me hugs, kisses on the forehead, nudges me playfully.

He also asks about my other guy friends for example he would ask how my friend and I are going.

He also teases me, sometimes plays with my hair.


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  • He's most definitely interested in you that's for sure.

    And let's be honest if he is playing with your hair and... Hmmm you are letting him :) then that's also a huge giveaway. :)

    Why not return his generosity by getting him a few little gifts from time to time, you can always use the classic excuse in saying "I was out shopping the other day, saw this and thought maybe you would like it"

    I've a feeling (woman's intuition) that this could be the start of something big. :)

  • he think he is attracted to you, try so small flirting and see how he response