Why won't he kiss me?!

So I've been going out with my boyfriend for like a week now and he still hasn't even TRIED to kiss me. I don't get it at all and I'm so not used to feeling like this. I hook up with guys easier than this even when they aren't anything close to being my boyfriend...

He told me in the beginning he didn't want to rush things because he doesn't want to mess things up between us and I told him he wasn't going to. And his best friend just keeps telling me that he really likes me and never liked anyone this much but I don't understand why he won't even kiss me yet.

I need a guy's perspective on this one...is he just really shy? or what? I know he hasn't had many girlfriends before me but I'm starting to get frustrated and I don't know how he'd react if I kiss him first.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Like he said he does not want to rush things with you. He obviously has strong feelings for you but some guys take longer to initiate that first kiss than others. He feels if he rushes into it he will possibly ruin your relationship. You seem pushy don't be or you will turn him off. Slow down and enjoy your time together. I'm sure that when the moment is right you two will share your first kiss. Let him be the one to kiss you. If he doesn't want to yet he doesn't have to you don't want to force things upon him right?

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  • My to-be-wife surprised me with our first kiss before I was ready (no wuss feelings here!). If he doesn't want to feel rushed, start simple, like a short good night kiss on the cheek, then leave. Just sounds shy and inexperienced like I was in high school.

  • He is obviously nervous and isn't sure you want to be kissed (that might "mess things up"); try kissing him.

  • if your just going out for a week sum people don´t even consider them beein´a couple so you´re lucky with that and if everything looks good be happy and the rest will fall into place.

  • He is probably homosexual or he does not find you attractive enough to kiss. If its not the earlier option its the later.


What Girls Said 4

  • He's probably just shy. Try initiating a kiss with him.

  • Im pretty sure he does mean it when he says that he doesn't wanna rush things. He really likes you plus on top of that he might be a little nerveous. I think you should wait fo rhim to kiss ya first on this one.

  • Maybe he's just honestly realli scared/worried to screw things up with such an act , or hasn't been with a lot of girls to gain that kinda skill successfully or he is just being considerate & waiting for you to make the move when your reasy he'll be or just when the time is perfect .

  • Don't kiss him first! Let him make the move otherwise he's gonna feel like a wuss for not kissing you first and what if you were his first kiss I'm pretty sure he wants it to be special your first kiss I mean don't you want it to be special? not just some nonchalant thing that you just do bcuz you feel like it.