My boyfriends brother is jealous of me?

I dated my boyfriends identical twin brother. It did not work out. His brother keeps being rude towards me.


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  • does he love you?

    • Yes! We are living together and he was very sweet.

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    • we believe jesus. and my grand grandfather was Christian. all of us brother. ) also in christianity is haram. dont listen to devil.:))

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  • I'm twins myself so I understand how the brother's feel. He is not jealous just over protective. Are u starting to date him recently or already very long?
    I also start with jealousy when my twins got bf. But after sometime I see his goodside so my dislike is gone hahaha

    • It has been seven months...

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    • It's a big deal, dating friend's exes sometimes is a big deal. Twins are closer than friend or best friend. No wonder he treat u very bad.. can not helo u on this one. He will think u dating his brother to get revenge on him

    • Lol. I did nothing to him. Idc, my boyfriend loves me and that is what matters.