Should I tell a guy that I'm dating other guys?

I went on two dates with him and we got along really well. More like friends than lovers and he told me he finds me attractive but he's just looking for fun and not a relationship. So I said ok we can be friends but he continues to send flirty texts.

He's really funny and I want to be friends with him. But as I am now dating other guys should I tell him that? I don't want to lose the friendship. He had told me he's not dating anyone else as he's just looking for friends.


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  • As long as he's not spending any money on you, you don't need to tell him I suppose.

    • He insisted on paying on both the dates! His actions don't match his words.

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    • May be he's a gentleman who doesn't like women paying? He's British.

    • No he's dumb. Spending money on women that aren't interested in you is dumb.


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  • Well he has told you what he wants so do assume he is looking for something else. also, opposite sex friends flirt with each other all the time, probably even more than they flirt with people they are in a relationship with sometimes. also if he is your friend.. wouldn't or shouldn't he have been told when the relationship started?

  • Do u find him funny or his accent


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  • He has all right to know that, and your boyfriend has all right that people knows you are his girl or you will be cheater