I have a crush on this guy in the musical we are in and 2 of my friends talked to him for me?

Both friends came back and said he told them that he wanted to get to know me more. Should I make a move on him? I am traditional about all this stuff however I really like him and could see dating him. It should I just talk to him more without being desperate. I just don't know what to do?


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  • Doesn't matter at a this point, just date him, haha, nothing matters. I bet if he was a loser, you wouldn't give a damn about him and would try to get him to kill himself! HAHAHAHAHAHA


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  • Go up and talk to him, he let them know that he likes you too, and he is giving you the hint to make the next move by what he said. This is extremely scary, but is an essential if you want to hang out with him. Just say 'hey' and start a conversation as soon as possible, to let him believe your still interested. You could try talking about things you have in common subtly, and it won't make you like your desperate at all. Like let's say you were wondering when he was available for a date, ask him if he does any sports, he'll probably say his schedule if he does and if likes you. Then you can ask him out right there, or maybe he might just offer a date night. Or you can just talk about what you like and ask him about what he likes, and make sure to tell him some compliments every once in a while. Make him like you by being yourself, but also being at your best for him. Give him plenty of hints for him to confirm that you like him, because there are liars in the world and he might not completely trust your friends.