Bipolar and Self Harm- Normal?

Has anyone with Bipolar type II self harmed and been left with a big scar but really, really regretted it after? I can't stop thinking about how big a mistake it was and what are guys are going to think of me now?


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  • You'r still alive and you've a long life ahead.. Why not work on yourself and become a better human being then to think what 'people' will think!

    • Thank you! Okay yeah i guess i should stop thinking about what others think.

    • Exactly, you see there are two ways to a situation. One is fretting about how bad you look. The other is just ignoring what others will say and whatever bad thing you think of yourself. So my suggestion would be to work yourself up whether its working out your body or doing good at academics.. The more busy you'r the healthier you'll be.. I think exercise is a mustt!

    • Haha well actually i do all of that 'working up' already - Bipolar has some good elements, is not like depression I can be normal sometimes and then super productive and workaholic the next minute. But Thanks : )


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  • Go on meds, and dont come off of them. If you dont feel comfortable about letting him know in the beggining than let him know after you are dating. If mean he will eventualy find out anyway.

    • Okay thank you, tbh I don't think my moods are that severe I need medication though and I don't want to be on meds. :)

    • Thats what the crazies all say. Go seek a doctor determine whether or not you are actually suffering from bi-polar and get a prescription.

  • You absolutely need to talk to a doctor/psychiatrist about this. What guys think about you does not matter. Your life, health, and well-being are at stake.


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  • Bipolar needs to be medicated, you need to talk to a psychiatrist. I've been depressed for around 6 years and my body is filled with deep scars. Please get professional help so you can get better x

    • Thank you I will do xxxx

    • if you every need to talk just drop me a message, I fully understand and will never judge mental health issues xx

    • okay good x