Men go broke taking girls out on dates to see if she's for him while a pretty girl is free loading dating all these guys. Thoughts?

She is buying her 4th LV bag while he's going in debt. What do u do and what's ur game plan?


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  • Thats the guy fault and his decision if he wants to spend a lot of money on that girl some guys do that to show off and girls do pay too , if the guy doesn't have the money to pay then I will. This is 2014 not every girls get money spend on them.

    • Easy for u to point fingers from the receiving end but do u kno what happens 3 out of 5 times? They get turned off rejecting the guy. It's not like men have a choice without reprocautions. Tell me, I bet your all about equal rights right? Your a pretty girl and they tend to be more outspoken do to favoritism being part of your conditioning. Would u want to pay for your own shit if the guy is willing? We're still in recession. Think about it... no one cares for the broke guy who spent all his money to meet the womens expectations and if he doesn't, he becomes irrelevant

    • I understand what you're saying but I don't need a guy to buy me expensive gifts , I didn't date him for how many money in his pocket and yes if he's offering me a gift yes I would take it even if it was cheap I would be grateful that he took the time to buy me something thats just me and I don't mind paying for myself I don't need a guy to buy me stuff.
      I know other girls that would want their guy buy them expensive gifts and I think thats ridiculous and selfish.
      Everyone is different, I think the guy is doing to much for me so I wouldn't care much to go to the movies or even the beach instead of a 5 star restaurant...


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  • stop chasing after hot gold diggers and go after real women with substance, even if they may not look like models then? if the guy isn't willing to do that then I can't have much sympathy for him. no one is forcing him to go broke but he does it anyway to fulfill his own shallow needs. its not his fault that she can play the game better than him

    and who still wears LV?

  • No need to go to a really nice restaurant or something just for a first date. You can just go out for coffee or ice cream + a walk in the park. It's silly to invest a bunch of your funds in a girl you're still just getting to know.

    • Usually the other strategy is used. Impress the girl... grt sex and after when things ar e comfortable, be more practical and realistic. ... media has gotten everyone disinterested jn everything is unless it's directed to the sensual heart of a human

  • It's not cool that girls expect guys to pay for everything. It should always be half and half (unless maybe it's their birthday or something) and ya, girls have been taught that guys need to pay for everything so if you ask us to pay it can be a little off putting but if the girl can't look at it logically and realize it doesn't make ANY sense for half the relationship to pay for all of it then there's no point in even trying to continue seeing the person anyways!
    In reality you shouldn't even have to ask us to pay half, it should just be obvious!

    • For sur run an ideal world and an equal world! Hey look a female thumbs down! Ha

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    • You sound a lot like a friend of mine actually, im sure he''d be glad to know there were other people with the same view as himself

    • Well I have a strong foundation in truth... and had a hard life which makes people search and become mini philosophers. I bet he's a very special person! Most don't see shit and are sheep!

  • I wouldn't want a man to pay for me, I have my own money and pay my owe way, If he's allowing a girl to take advantage of him thats his own fault.

  • I prefer to only date wealthy guys but I do have my own money and don't rely on a man to buy me material things. A present should be a gift from the heart and mean something to both of you.

    That being said, I have noticed that guys sometimes feel very uncomfortable with a girl paying (this might be an age thing as well) and I have had to negotiate about money when in a relationship with a wealthy bf - he would pay for all restaurants whilst I would pay for take out, snacks, fast food, etc. It worked pretty well.

    You have to start as you mean to go on and I would bring up paying for things fairly early on (at least after the 5th date) and judge her reaction. A good girl will be open to that and offer to meet you half way. A honey after the money will pull a face and think you're a cheap mofo. You should be able to tell from her reaction which type of girl she is.

    • I have mixed feelings about ur post. U only date wealthy guys but give advice on how to spot a honey after the money. If u want to spot a good girl, observe her life and her past. I m not broke but I come from nothing and no girl will threaten my six figures I've saved up and have invested. My generation have it worse than the generation that went through the great depression. Many don't realize this and are completely oblivious being distracted with media and entertainment. Most men are broke as hell. It'd a fact and there isn't enough wealthy men for every dime piece. Life imitates art more than art imitates life. Many people are poisoned by the media and have standards that aren't practical or real. So many are miserable because of this. U personally dated the hot chicks and found most are about the money and lifestyle... their also super damaged being used by men for sex at some point so they conform and become hustlers.

    • Ok, thanks. I come from that lifestyle and world. This is what I have been exposed to. I, too, make my own money and would never expect my man to pay for everything as I do believe it's wrong. I agree that what is advertised is a certain type of celebrity and lifestyle and all these reality tv shows that publicise this fast-paced lifestyle where people can go into a shop and come out looking fabulous with the latest pair of Louboutins. But not everyone falls into this scenario or is that stupid enough to believe it. This could be an age/exposure to life thing as well.

    • its true, not everyone. also i want to point out money changes everyone and its hard to downgrade. anyways, i just want that old school love, but dating in my 30's... its like forming a buisness contract sometimes... i hate it.

  • I met a lot of cheap guys who ask me to pay half and I met guys who never took me out. And when a guy actually paid and took me out he said it was not a date. Now the guy in dating does not take me out on dates he says we are dating but all we do is hang out. If you think spending money on a girl is going to get you laid you got another thing coming. Learn to recongnize who is using you and who is genuinely into you.

    • Does asking you to pay half of the cost for a date you're on too really make him cheap?

    • Lolol two thumbs down and a confrontation. Hope she pays for her own stuff time to time now! Lmfai

    • @J1nnishere I wouldn't say confrontation :)

      I'm just curious if that is all it takes to be considered cheap. Seems a harsh reaction.

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  • I saw this video a while back. One of the stats it gives is:

    "Men spend $50 on a date while women spend less than $25.
    But 65% of women spend $50 at least preparing for a date."

    How many guys spend half as much time or money getting ready for dates as women? It evens out in most cases I'd say.

    Besides almost every woman I've seen discuss this issue on this site says that they'd pay half (or the full price for every other date) after the third or fourth date so with most women it wouldn't be a long term issue. If it is, she might be using the guy. Ask for her to pay half and if she doesn't you can find another girl who will pay her way eventually (apparently that's most girls).

    • I'll watch it when I park my car lol. OK what about my gym membership, my diet, supplements, clothes and haircut? U speak as though men don't need to take care of themselves haha

    • I don't think I am tbh. Dating will cost some money. How much, depends on you and the girl but the expense is on both sides; it's not just guys bearing the cost. Girls spend money on dating as well so they aren't free loading. If she can afford a "4h LV bag" and he's going into debt, then he can either explain it to her or just come up with ideas for dates that are less expensive.

  • Paying for dinners, lunch, coffee, while dating is okay in my eyes.

    But buying her LV bags and other luxury vanity items? Hell no, why would you even think of doing that? I would only do that if I was in a serious and stable relationship.

    I dated a girl once who asked me to buy her certain kinds of luxury items, first I thought it was a joke, but 2nd time she brought it up was in a Burberry shop. I smiled, and told her I would think about it. I dumped her the day after it happened.

    She knew I could easily treat her with such things, and when she asked me to buy her that bag certain alarms went off in my head.

    • I've dated a gold digger who complained I didn't give her money when she went out with her friends. ... anyways I said she's buying her own for thr money she saved free loading not the guy buying hr

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    • I come from nothing. I saved enough for a condo and I m the opposite. Poor people often flaunt it whole the wealthy try to hide it lol I would say I m poor atm but I m certainly not well off. Lol hwo did u feel when they were all nice to u? I'd feel a bit bitter

    • I feel shit when I'm treated differently just because I was born into the right family.

  • If a guy goes broke cause of a girl, then he's doing it wrong. You don't exactly need to always spend a lot of money during a date, there are other activities that doesn't really require much money.

    • True and good point. Sex and movies get old and sometimes and very often, women care more about lifestyle than the guy

  • Not be a beta phaggot and paying for girls' shit?


    • Lol I didn't know beta meant not treating girls. I thought it was a manly thing to do. From my experience, hot chicks are super entitled and end up whoever makes it easiest for her

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    • But are they loyal in hardship? They can find someone else and good looking girks are known f that

    • All things are temporary. You might as well find a hot chick for the journey.

  • That would never happen to me, but about 99% of guys are suckers nowadays. Even guys who have no problem getting dates are acting thirsty and lame overrating females and inflating their pathetic egos.

  • I think he is deluded for thinking it is his job to buy her stuff. If she isn't pulling her weight in the relationship then she isn't girlfriend material. Which means what you have is a guy trying to convince a girl to act like a prostitute. That doesn't make for a healthy relationship.