How does my boyfriend forget about his first love?

So I've been dating this guy for about 16 months now. Everything is fine but sometimes he mentions his ex here and there. He dated her for about 3 years and it was his first love. I don't get along with her due to the fact when I started dating my boyfriend, she got jealous. So she called his parents and told them I did drugs and I was an alcoholic. I never touched alcohol or drugs! So the first time I meet his parents, they didn't even talk to me. Then she would call him everyday when we started dating begging him to leave me. Afterward she started sending me emails pretending to be him and telling me how the relationship meant nothing. So sometimes she would call him here and there trying to get in touch with him. After a while she stopped but it still hurts knowing that he might still care for her even though she did all this horrible stuff to me. I feel like if my ex ever did that to my boyfriend now, I would cut off all ties. My boyfriend and her talked on the phone to clear the air. She told him how she apologizes for what she did to HIM but not me. I know she doesn't mean it because if she did, then she would have taken the time to apologize to me. I'm not sure what to do at this point because I feel like if he can't let go after this long, then he may never will. I know that people say you can't get over your first love but then sometimes I do wonder if we did breakup would he run back to her? I guess I feel like if he cheated on me, it would be with her. I don't want to feel like I'm not good enough or will never be where she was with him. I don't know what to do because I'm not sure if I should stay or leave...


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  • He doesn't and won't. Stay as long as it is convenient. (obviously)


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  • i think that first things are first.. ask yourself the following questions the reason for their break up and the time between her and you.. I think people gthat don't have a real reason to why breakin up or its because of a fight nd not the lost of feelings still cling on to each other.. and well I think that bitch is crazy to be honest with you.. and if your boyfriend still talks to her you should be worried because after everything she's done nd he stil finds it okay to have some kind of friendship with her yeah not cool.. people will never forget their first love but that doesn't mean that they can't get over it.. sounds like a really complicated situation, same thing kinda bothers me but my boyfriend assures me he wants nothing to do with her its jsut a matter of how sure you are of what you guys feel for each other nd once you stop being insecure bout that you won't care even if they hang out because you'll kno hell come back to you every time.. and when that happens you'll stop thinkin about him gettin with her afterwars.. forget bout the girl nd make your boyfriend forget bout her as well.. she brings nothing good to your relationship .. do it little by little don't push it because he might feel preassured nd then other things can happen