He wants to take me to Paris for our first date ?

This guy has been chasing me for 7 months now and I finally agreed to a date. For the last 4 months he has sent me a single long-stemmed red rose (I really, really hate roses !). Anyway, I had been in a ltr and engaged for 3 months before we both mutually agreed it wasn't what we wanted. We were childhood sweethearts and had become like brother & sister.

I moved to London and started working with this guy. We hit it off immediately and just had instant chemistry. We tease each other a lot and he's very kind and patient with me. Listens to my crap & gives me helpful advice. I no longer work with him but we still hang out and every so often he asks if he can take me to dinner. I've always shut it down as I wanted to experience life being single and he has a bit of a rep as a player (red flag !).

Anyway, I finally felt ready and he asked me out to dinner. A few days later he told me he wants to take me to Paris (one of my favourite cities) and I was gobsmacked. He is wealthy and has a private family plane. I am not sure how I feel about it though. Is it over the top or he is just showing that he really wants to get into a relationship with me?


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  • Maybe he's just used to showing off the money. Is he worth the trouble? Does he legitimately know what you're about?

    Why not a coffee shop (privately owned, or whatever) the first time around? Something simple.

    agree with "the wowness of things might distort your initial decisions"

    • Thanks for replying. I said how about a restaurant in London as there several that are really good. He said that he's liked me since first setting eyes on me and he knows that Paris is one of my fav cities. I think I will reject the Paris offer and stay in London for the date. I think a trip to Paris can possibly come later. Yeah, I believe he knows what I am about and the sort of person I am. We have similar backgrounds so I think he believes that he needs to go over the top to blow everyone else out of the water.


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  • Go get that money haha.

  • the wowness of things might distort your initial decisions

    • Yeah I agree but I am grounded and sensible but I've already decided that having a date in London is the best way to go at first.

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  • To be honest I think it's over the top and I'd refuse because I'd feel uncomfortable, plus I don't like show offs.

  • I really don't see the problem here
    If you don't want him someone else will