Help! He likes another girl but she has a boyfriend?

So I really like this guy. He's the sweetest guy I know and I feel like we could date because we're friends and he's really my type. But he's really interested in another girl. This girl has a boyfriend but she's cheated on him 3 times by kissing the guy I like. Her and her boyfriend broke up but have now gotten back together again. I've tried talking to this guy more one on one but as soon as the girl he likes comes around he's gone.
So my question is:
A-How do I get him to see that I'm really available, and I really like him without making it awkward between us?
And B- How do I get him to get over her because he's ruining friendships and relationships?


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  • A- you tell him regardless of whether or not it gets weird. Worst that can happen is he says no.

    B-you tell him regardless of whether or not it gets weird. Best case scenario he takes your advice. Worst case he doesn't, learns he should have trusted you, he ends up single again. At that point as long as your friendly he could run to you, but that is a Rebound so tell him you won't settle for being a rebound and that you'll give Hume time to think and that you'll wait till he is sure he's ready.

    Good luck kiddo


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  • He is wrong
    you're wrong
    U both wrong


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  • He's ok with the other girl cheating on her boyfriend. That tells me that he's either only interested in something sexual, or he's obsessed with her, and he will never notice you.

  • You are going to continuously lose out to this other girl. Should you get into something and then this other girl becomes available, he will dump you for her. I know it';s hard but you need to move on from him.