The crazy girl vs the normal?

So basically what way is the right way to react? One time I date a guy who gave me false hopes and one say he said he didn't want to continue it because he was a bit older than me.. And I got mad because he led me on when I had told him from the beginning that this wouldn't work but he wanted to continue. so when he broke it off I got way mad at him and went crazy girl..

Next guy I dated he told me he wasn't looking for anything serious because he didn't have time and he traveled a lot at that time. I got mad and sad but I manages to calm down and just wrote that I understand and that its okay and we remained friends. He than after 7 months contacted me and we met up again.

So is the outcome different from when you act crazy and when you act normal? Anyone experianced something similar?


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  • Only show crazy on a guy your dating just to show you care. A little crazy is wildly sexy, don't know why. But a you pissed me off crazy shows " glad I got outta there before I woke up with my junk in a jar".

  • Which way makes you sleep better at night?

    • The normal way haha because you always end up regretting acting crazy

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