How long till I will have my first kiss with my boyfriend?

Okay so I'm 12 nearly 13 and my boyfriend is the same.
We have been dating for a month and we are very happy toguether.
But we haven't kissed yet, is this normal? I have kissed boys before and he has kissed girls before so it won't be our first ever kiss, but how long until we will actually kiss?


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  • maybe he's nervous around you, or he just has respect for you and feel as though he shouldn't try anything with you yet. one thing you should know is a guy won't do something unless he wants to.. even though a girl on the other hand she will do something because the guy wants her too.. so dont be that girl just wait until he makes the move it normal sweetie.


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  • It only depends on the two of you. Don't compare to others. You do it when you are ready.

  • It won't happen unless one of you guys bring it up or attempt it. If you want to kiss him, just do it