Am I being a bad friend?

So there's a guy that I had a thing with years ago when I was 14 and I'm 17 now. We just started talking again and I'm catching feelings and so is he.

The thing is, there was some drama between me, him, and my friend.

When we hung out she dared me and him to kiss and we did, and he then said he liked me and stuff then she turned around and said she liked him (she hadn't told me before so I was confused) but she said she did so I broke up with him.

Then they dated for about a week or two and broke up and all and in honesty I don't even know the full story between them. But anyway, that was years ago and my friend has had a boyfriend for 2 and a half years but I still would feel like a bad friend.

She didn't care before when I dated one of her exes, but she got really pissed when I kissed someone she used to like in seventh grade even though we were in 10th grade at the time and she had been with her boyfriend over a year. So I feel like she'd be pissed about this.

But I like him a lot and after we've started talking again I feel comfortable with him and he's taking it slow like I want, which never happens and everyone always wants to rush everything. He's smart and he's really sweet too.

But I want an honest opinion, if I were to date him would this be fucking over my friend in a way? I don't know what to do.


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  • In my opinion, no. She's been with her boyfriend for 2.5 years, isn't that enough? but I don't know your friend. You could mention him and see how she reacts. test the waters a bit

    • Well she unintentionally brought him up today (not knowing we talk) and was making jokes about how we dated him, how he was my first kiss, and mentioned how he had gotten really ugly haha.

    • Oh damn. I feel like she still feels something for him, but she's slightly bitter. The fact that she brought him up shows she still thinks about him. It would screw her over if she knows you are talking to her.


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  • Why are you even stressing this? If she tells you that you are a bad friend for being with a guy she USED to mess with, WHILE she has a boyfriend then SHE is the bad friend... stop putting so much thought behind it and be happy... worst case why not just ask her how she would feel?

    • She's my best friend. I don't wanna do anything that's shady and hurt her. But thanks for the answer, I guess..

  • She doesn't decide who you date so just tell her that. If she was truly your friend she would say ok and back off.

  • I really not gonna read that.

    • Then why comment? Lol I don't give a fuck doesn't hurt my feelings

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    • A minut is not like 20 minuts ya know, kid.
      If you don't like it don't ask for it.

    • And if you don't care don't comment. Lol but this was like a week ago anyway and it's a waste of time, however I just wanted to make my point clear though I'm still not sure if you understand it. Oh, well. Have a good day. :)

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  • Talk to your friend and let her know you really got feelings for this guy... If she is a good friend she will want you to be happy.

  • It sounds like she's the bad friend