Back up guy or meant to be?

There is a girl at work that I'm interested in we get a long fine and I tried to ask her out and she told me she has a bf ok cool so I backed off and I can respect that. Well a month later of no contact we had a social event at work and she was there and she came to talk to me and told me that she does volunteer work on the side and asked me to come a long with her sometime... Does she like me or what are her intentions because she knows I like her...


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  • ehhhh you didn't give us enough to go off of here

    • So much more but she showed signs of interest just can't act on them and I asked asked her out on a date when I didn't know she had a bf so I backed off. Month later she asked me to come with her to do volunteer work. Why would you do that knowing that this person is interested in you? She knows I'm into her

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    • I wonder what her bf would think about that...

    • Also how can you be friends w someone who is interested? It's a waste of time. That would be disrespectful to the relationship your in.

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  • Most likely friendly. You'll need much more than that to deduce whether she likes you or not.

    • She knows I'm interested in her... I told her upfront I wanted to take her out on a date. What's the point in getting me to come help her knowing I'm interested?

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    • Also should I go with her and see what happens?

    • Are you not getting the hint? ... Leave. Her. Alone... go find a single broad.