This Saturday I'm going out with some friends and the girl I like will be there but so will her boyfriend. How to act while im there?

Alright so I'm talking about my ex here. I broke up with her 5-6 months now and recently I started liking her again, something I wasn't expecting as I was the one to break up with her for reasons I won't get into now. We are supposadly friends now but there is no way I see her as one. Before moving on, I think it's important to say that 2 months after we broke up SHE started to like me again and I had an upportutiny to date her again but didn't. So she has been dating a guy for 2 weeks now but they don't see each other a lot. One would think that such a relationship wouldn't last long but of what I've understood she's pretty happy with him. Now to my current problem. A mutual friend of ours is having a small party (actually more like a gathering of some friends to hang out). This girl I like will be there but unfortunately so will her boyfriend. I want to go to the "party" because I'm close friends to the girl that is organizing it but I don't know how to act while im there. What if they start making out in front of me or something? It would be a looong night thats for sure. So I really need some advice on how to seem like I'm not jealous but also look like I'm a better choice for her than her current boyfriend is. Grooming? Clothes? Posture? What will count the most and to what should I pay attention to so that I look like I'm better than the other guy? Also how can I cover that I'm jealous? Lastly, can I still flirt a bit with the girl without making it super obvious to her bf that I like her, and if yes, how? To sum up, I want to be able to look good (at least better than the other guy) and I want to manage to still flirt with her so I make her think about me. Thanks for any advice and sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I've made...


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  • Don't be jealous.. just take her onto the side and tell her how you feel. you have to face telling her how you feel or else you'll end up feeling bad.


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  • Rape her then say U STI'LL LOVE YOu
    and by the way rape her far way from her boyfriend.


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  • You never know what you have until you loose it. Ideally you would not want to go the party because he is there with the woman you dumpt.

    You say that you are Jelouse which, means you a not in of mind set to do anything but fight.

    There is a quote, "he who has will have abundance and he who does not have even what he has will be take from him"