I started punching my ex when he tried to make amends and can't let go of this anger?

My ex has tried rebuilding a friendship with me because he messed up by cheating on me. He never physically cheated but I caught him online reaching out to random girls and exes telling them he misses them and he wants a family with them. I invested so much into him and finally couldn't take him back and told him to leave me alone. He kept on reaching out to me but I wouldn't respond. Once I felt I had moved on I finally responded to him. I understand that was my first mistake but he's been so good in trying to prove himself worthy again. I don't have those feelings of love anymore even though he does and says he will work hard at making me fall in love with him again. After a couple of months I realized I'm always making mean remarks and he just ignores it and then finally he said something about our past relationship and I snapped and started physically attacking him. He doesn't want to let me go though despite this saying he's going to show me unconditional love till I heal. Not sure if this is a good idea. Me attacking him like I did was pretty bad and to me means a toxic situation but he thinks it will just take time. Advice?


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  • sounds like you have some pent up emotion thats emerging as anger towards him. its one way to let your feelings out. he could've made a mistake in his eyes and regrets doing all that, however, you have to deal with the pain and hurt you went through before having anything serious with him again.


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  • Damn lucky for you he is a bitch. Some guys would just knock your fucking teeth out if you started attacking them, probably me included. I mean this is the 21st century guys and girls are equal right?


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